Battle Nations Development Resumed


A monumental moment of the project is finally upon us. I’m excited to finally confirm that earlier this month, we signed and entered into a license agreement with regarding the assets of the original Battle Nations!

This fulfills a long held goal of not just our team but the passionate community of fans that has found a home here over these last five years. I can’t express enough about how grateful myself and the team are for the generous support that we’ve received and we are so excited to start work full steam ahead.

This means that you will once again be able to fight alongside your favorite characters from the Outpost and unravel the secrets of the northern frontier. Not only will we be bringing back the original Battle Nations, thanks to our increased team size and diverse skill sets, we can confirm that we will also be aiming to add new content and gameplay to ensure your experience is not just a recreation, but also a refreshed and competitive mobile title.

Finally, I’d also like to take a moment to thank the team over at King that has been working alongside us on this agreement. We look forward to their insight and support as we undertake development and relaunch Battle Nations in its most compelling state yet.